Hi Jac is an eco pet product company based in Sydney, Australia. Partnering with Sustainable Salons, People & Things and Defy Designs, Hi Jac uses 100% recycled pet shampoo bottles to create hand made, small batch pet leash handle right here in Sydney. Hi Jac founder, Andrea wanted a fun video that would explain their story and collaborations, as well as convey more of their unique brand identity. For this video, all of the characters and animals are based on real people and their pets, starring Andrea's Chief Inspiration Officer, her dog Andre the chihuahua! 

Developed by: Knuckles Animation Studio
Producer: Chris Shapones

Illustration/Graphic Design: Camila Abdanur
Animation: Gabriel Almeida & Manuela Ventura
Edit/Post Production: Susie Shapones

Client: Hi Jac​​​​​​​

Watch the full video here:
             @cahlac | www.cahlac.com.br

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