Sexual assault affects the lives of many trans people, and it can be a difficult thing to talk about, or seek help for. Here & Now helps with some of the practical information, and guides our health professionals to providing care and affirmation at a difficult time. The four videos made for this series live on TransHub, a digital information and resource platform for all trans and gender diverse (TGD) people in NSW, our loved ones, allies and health providers. The supporting posters can be found in health care offices around NSW. 
Developed by:  Knuckles Animation Studio for ACON/Transhub
Project Lead: Teddy Cook (He/Him)
Head Writer: Elizabeth Duck-Chong (She/ Her)
Producer: Chris Shapones (She/They)
Illustration/Graphic Design: Camila Abdanur (She/They)
Animation: Susie Shapones (She/Her)
Script editing: Chris Shapones & Kathleen Westcott (She/Her)
Additional animation - Shell Madelina (She/They)


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