‘Play Nice, Stay Safe’ LGBTIQ+ Learning Lounge

Knuckles Animation is proud to have worked closely with the eSafety Commissioner, the Australian government agency committed to keeping all citizens safe online, on their new digital campaign, ‘Play Nice, Stay Safe’ LGBTIQ+ Learning Lounge, which supports LGBTIQ+ community online with an assortment of fun and useful resources.

We started by developing thirteen character illustrations, which were based on real people and their testimonies of challenging experiences online. These characters were developed further into two short, 2D animated videos that discuss the topics "Using social media in positive ways" and “Dealing with online hate”. The illustrations and animations are featured throughout the new learning lounge website and supportive toolkit promoting the campaign. 

These resources were co-designed with LGBTIQ+ individuals and organisations across Australia and are informed by community consultation, feedback from existing programs and in-depth research.

The LGBTIQ+ learning lounge covers 3 main topics – meeting online, dealing with online abuse and building resilience – with each topic housing multiple sections with content relevant to the community providing an easy and accessible way for individuals to find the support they need.

You can explore eSafety’s new resources at esafety.gov.au/learning-lounge.
Watch the full videos:
Project Lead, Management and Design: eSafety Commissioner
Voice over: Nina Oyama (She/Her)
Producer: Chris Shapones (She/They)
Illustration/Graphic Design: Camila Abdanur (She/They)
Animation Director: Susie Shapones (She/Her)
Animation: José Neto (He/Him)
Sound Design: Noah Siegel (He/Him)

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